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The 3/19/12 Report

I check my numbers, I think they’re wrong but if they are correct, I need to get my readership up. I want to give you consistency, no excuses. I’m not like Desperate Housewives, I don’t take two week breaks to leave you in suspense for award shows and specials, I’m just really working hard at the newspaper. Aiming to be a great reporter shows me I had to make sacrifices but also makes Delafreshnews. My passion is still giving readers news that they can laugh at. Believe me, I live in a small enough town where I‘ve considered creating a blog just about the experiences here under an alias of course but one step at a time. So here is the post I promised you if you’re reading out there, and PLEASE no spam comments, just genuine feedback. I’ll take it all. Thanks!


Kony film director takes it off

Film Director of the viral Kony film, Jason Russell, displayed some strange behavior

So this week’s news hilariously gave some realities. Starting with the director of the Kony documentary that went viral this month, Jason Russell was transported to a medical facility for running through the streets in his underwear screaming. Well as you may know, I’m Facebook friends with Montez from Workaholics on Comedy Central so that makes me like a tenth of a friend in real life. His status (edited for style and clarity) to me is what you should get out of this story and I’ll leave it at that:

“Is Kony an ok guy now because Jason Russell had a drunken night? Yeah you enslaved and raped kids, at least you didn’t beat off at the beach drunk. The cause is bigger and more important than the people running it.”-Erik Griffin.



SXSW Hot Spots

Homeless people were used as Wi-Fi hotspots at Austin's SXSW music festival.

There was some controversy this week over the music festival SXSW in Austin and their Wi-Fi hotspots. Homeless people were paid to be Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the music festival for people to tweet their douchebag statuses and pictures. I guess SXSW is the new Coachella but they took it a step further by taking recycling to a whole new level. Seriously, these are people! They weren’t doing them any favors with this one. SXSW organizers just set back hippies another 50 years, which is exactly where they want to be. You think people were pissed about it, Gary Busey was surrounded by festival-goers and he didn’t even know why. He was just trying to catch Bruce Springsteen’s keynote address.


Keeping up with the Republicans: GOP racing

Mitt Romney won Puerto Rico's republican primary yesterday, but what does this mean for Puerto Rico?

A lot went on last week with state primaries and territories. Secretly democrats were happy that GOP presidential candidate hopeful Rick Santorum won some of the southern primaries like Mississippi and Alabama because if the idiot wins the GOP nomination, they know President Obama is going to get that second term. I guess Mitt Romney’s fake southern accent and hankering for grits didn’t help him none in the South, but Romney did win the Puerto Rico primary because I’m assuming that Santorum made it known that he wasn’t behind Puerto Rico pushing for their statehood. I think Puerto Rico’s citizens were confused when the majority voted for Romney. Romney doesn’t want to make them a state; he wants to make them his estate. I mean if he’s elected that’s going to be Romney’s vacation spot for when difficult things happen in office like war and poor people. 



College band yells racist chant

As we stay in the South for this story, the President of the University of Southern Mississippi apologized last week after school band members yelled “where’s your green card?,” at a Latino player from Kansas State University during an NCAA tournament game. Although it was reported that Angel Rodriguez of Puerto Rican decent said they were ignorant people and had moved on from the incident, people were still very upset with the band’s conduct. If they could go back in time, here are some things Kansas State’s band could have yelled back:


  • Where are some of your teeth?
  • How many times have you or a family member have been seen on Jerry Springer?

That last one was kind of long but it still stands.


The Obvious Truth is Out

A Goldman Sachs executive resigned in a very public manner Wednesday calling the firm toxic and disrespectful of its clients in an op-ed piece published by the NY Times. I wonder how many other big execs will quit and state the obvious, could you imagine that?

Ideal resignations:


  • Samuel Robson Walton, Chairman of Wal-Mart: “We are one of the devil’s minions.”
  • Bob Iger, CEO and Chairman of Disney: “Walt in fact did hate the Jews.”

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