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Opinion Pieces

Speaking my mind, spilling my guts out

How do I find the thinkers? I want to be around analytical people and programmers and comedians and assholes and sarcasm and wit. Does this make any sense? I’m trying to figure out how much of my mental capacity I am using. Being in a room of thinkers will be like cardio for the brain. People who are better than you at what you want to be great at will only push you to be better. Nobody wants to be compared, everyone claims they are in their own category but great ideas usually come from an initial idea that has been improved.


As far as I know now, everything I’ve learned as a journalism student and as a hard-working intern has been uprooted. For an epiphany hit me today that you must never lose your childhood curiosity, something that is a key asset to have as a journalist. You always have to be questioning why things are the way they are, how do we know anything and you must hold officials and promoters accountable for their lies and or carelessness. But even my thought process on writing stories being changed every time I take a new job, my life has also been affected simultaneously. I realized how lucky I am to be here in this position. I have to give a pat on the back. And I have to realize that this is really a beginning. I already humbled myself once; I think life is a journey that demands humility. For no matter how great you think you are, you will receive many “no’s” but once you get that “yes,” the door creaks open just a little and you have to keep on pushing.


I was driving home the other day from a hard one at work. All I could think about is where I will be five years later and why can’t I wake up the next day and just be there? Why? Because I haven’t figured out how to get there or else I’d be there. Like Mark Zuckerberg said, if you founded Facebook, then you would be the founder of Facebook. Again, I’m not there because life is a journey, and nothing would be worthy if you didn’t work for it because it’s easily attainable. Whatever you receive, accomplishments will feel earned. It’s not about knowing you’ll be there, it’s about having faith and confidence in yourself to know you’ll be there.


I graduated from Texas Southern University, and I’m a proud alum, no sugar coating. I can’t hate or have regrets because TSU is a part of me and if I denied TSU, I’d be denying part of me and my history. When I was there, I considered myself to be among the elite, also, the social elite. Not that all other students were beneath us if they weren’t visible or known but, it was clear who ran the school and who even cared. I was in the midway. I enjoyed who I knew but I sympathized for those who had no idea what was going on but laughed that those same people could be the next startup billionaire. But what I am alluding to is the fact that because I was “on top,” I was lazy. The ambition never died, it was just buried. I coasted on being great and stopped seeking challenges because the pace was so slow and I didn’t feel there were enough go-getters with that exception of the elite. But then again, those kids were caught up in social values and not really being the next Bill Gates, or Barack Obama. Well…some were (Kedarious Colbert) but trust me, some great, outstanding minds come and will continue to come from TSU. I’m just happy I got my degree and moved on. Still proud, but the next steps are always the best steps. Because like my boy Jeff Bell told me, the sh*t hits the fan and gets real when you graduate. Loans come in and you’re broke trying to figure out what you want to do if you haven’t already chosen more school or had job offers. That’s when my ego hurt the most, when nobody threw letters or knocked on my door, as if my graduation was supposed to be some announcement for them to come.


I stopped wallowing after the celebration and before the passion came back. I knew I had to spike that adrenaline, that rush to be the best again, I knew I needed change. So yes, taking a job offer, hearing that first yes and being here is just the beginning. But every day, I will try to be better than the last. Life is about change, balance, and progression. And as much as I try to separate religion from writing, I’m not ashamed to say I have an awesome God. I’m not trying to convert people or push my views about God on others, but I do know that he is with me every step of the way, every fall, every triumph and I will not deny him, that is what faith is about.


I plan to do so much more, I’m sitting here now looking how I can rearrange my room for better thinking, what pilot will I think of tomorrow, what shows will I pitch to the thinkers and the dreamers? I just want to be amazing, and I’m not letting go, I don’t want to let go of this feeling that makes me question everything or I will always accept things the way they are.


Without any cocky undertones, I must say this, I will be somebody, I’m already me, I’m just pitching a better me every day. Watch out for me, I’ll try to remain as human as I can be.

Fed up with the selfish

The worst thing one can be in this world is selfish. Most people will say liars but who can honestly say they haven’t told a lie, or embellished the truth?

We’re human and we all make mistakes but one of the vilest characteristics a human can embody is being selfish.
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9/22 Report, on a serious note: Troy Davis

Today we will wake up and though some of us may start our day fresh, there is a bitter taste in our mouths

because we have lost today America. You read it correctly, we are not at a loss, we have lost. What have we done as citizens to prevent the execution of Troy Davis and any man or woman that represents him sitting on death row?
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Are you ready for the new facebook?

CNN posted an article about the new changes Facebook will make in the weeks to come. The guy who wrote the article is Pete Cashmore, the CEO of Mashable which is a popular tech-news blog;
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